Thursday, July 21, 2016

Before I say that, let me start with this...

Any new beginning comes with a heavy-handed disclaimer.

With my first post less than 24 hours old, I've heard the same question numerous times.

What's your blog about?

To answer that, let me instead explain what it is not about. Annoying, I know. But, at least I'm not answering with a question.

5. It's not targeted towards my two biggest (and only) fans.

When it comes to even small accomplishments, my mom and sister are my two biggest fans. And let's face it, after I give up on hounding my friends and co-workers to read mom and sister may be my only readers. Regardless, this won't be geared towards them. There is only so much I can post about Fixer Upper, Tom Selleck, and myself. Those are a few of their favorite things, obviously.

4. It's not people-pleasing.

Hopefully your first clue was in the web address. But, incase you somehow missed it, the tone of this blog is snark. In short, that means it will be a little critical and, based on caffeine-level, it may be a bit cranky. Overall, it's not meant to be offensive. This simple site is not a virtual soapbox. Go to Facebook for that nonsense. Better yet, visit the comments section of your preferred news you'll find some crazies hanging out there. If you happen to be reading this and you're 45-years-old verging on 13 please read and enjoy, but don't come here looking for the drama you miss from high school.

3. It's not going to stay inside a neat little box.

Life is messy. I often say to my husband, I know I do some things wrong...but there is a lot of things I do right. The same holds true here.

Despite my best efforts, I'm still human. No matter how many spiders I let bite me, radioactive sludge I bathe in, or improvements I make to my utility belt...people still are not referring to me as superhuman or a hero. Crazy, I know. I save my toddler from electrocution, suffocation, dehydration, and malnutrition on a daily basis. Each day I survive, I certainly feel pretty superhuman.

It's called human error for a reason, and I help define that every day. If you don't make at least one non-crucial error each day, you're probably not doing enough.

1. It's not always going to fall into your definition of trendy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty hip.

Are people still saying 'hip'?

I wear crop pants almost every day, and it isn't only because I bought one of every color at Old Navy and Target. When I'm feeling particularly hipster, I break out my horn-rimmed lenses and read The New Yorker, while drinking Starbucks to be ironic.

All that said, Fixer Upper is just about over and I'm going switch over to Blue Bloods. Love you, Mom and Miranda!


miranda wieber said...

Love you too ;)

Becky G. said...

Ha it!! I read it to Dad. We laughed!