Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New beginnings happen for many reasons...

Why start a blog?

There are several reasons why an individual would think, Hey...I want to write things for people to read. They are the following:

5. You're narcissistic.

With an estimated 7.4 billion people inhabiting the earth, you still think you're at the center of it. Those lucky enough to read the blog that centers around your life will be made better for it.

4. You're not a salesperson, but you are a mom. #momblogs

All of your friends are out selling LulaRoe and hounding your social media, but you're not much of a salesperson. Still wanting to gain some attention, you write about the interesting things that happened to you.

     My toddler said 'ball' today, or it could have been 'bottle'. Can I get 100,000 likes/shares?!

3. You're oh so crafty.

Pinterest ain't got nothing on you. Breakfast bars that double as trendy earmuffs, done! Hand sewn clothing that gives the hobo chic look for upwards of $159 an item, done. #hipster

2. You're opinionated.

You're not voting for Trump, and Hillary is a liar. Gun control is bogus, or awesome, and marriage legalities should be debated a little more. No matter where you stand, you're in the right and everyone needs to hear it. Facebook is great for starting hateful and opinionated threads, but you want to branch out now.

1. You're a writer.

You have a pretty sweet gig from 9-5, but it doesn't quite meet your creative needs. You'd like to be an author someday, but between being a pretty sweet mom, wife, friend...and that full-time job, there isn't any time for writing. Maybe no one will ever care to read what you wrote, but that's not what this is about. Instead, you're sending something out into the vast, ever changing, world wide web and letting it be what it is...your thoughts on one pretty hectic Wednesday in July.

Yeah, that last one is me. Okay, maybe they are all a little bit me. Not so much the crafty part, although I can doodle pretty well. And politics aren't really my thing. I vote, that's for sure, but I won't be yelling my choice at you. But I am a mom, and will probably write a little on my awesome toddler. I'm also hoping that I don't get completely lost among 7.4 billion people.

Here's to trying something new!


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miranda wieber said...

Number 6: You ran out of shows to watch on Netflix and Hulu and need something to do until all your fall shows come back ;)