Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How to cook brown rice.

Not all rice is created equal, some take a different approach.

Today I learned that brown rice takes much more time and water than white rice. So, if your husband picks up brown rice for your stuffed peppers, make sure you know how to cook it. Truth be told, four delicious-looking but altogether uncooked stuffed peppers made their way to the trash tonight. #Fail

Life is full of disappointments. Wow, what a statement. Teenage-Marcie would be stating how life is endless possibilities and you're only disappointed if you make yourself disappointed. You control your life. But, married-Marcie knows that life is made better when it is shared. My husband is a witness to my world. He influences it, leads it, and lives it alongside me. That being said, he's also a liability. Being married means having another person with great influence and control in your world. It's great, but it will never be perfect and you cannot control your life with them.

So, here are five tips for a happy relationship. Take them or leave them. #WednesdayWisdom

5. Be willing to be wrong.

You're in a relationship, so that other half of yours is going to discover your secrets. Biggest secret of all, you're not perfect. Get to grips with that as soon as possible. It's vital. You will be wrong; you have been wrong. You're probably wrong about a few things right now. Just accept it. Don't be afraid to apologize when the situation warrants it. There will be mess-ups. There will be failures. And, guess what. If the relationship is worth anything, you'll get past them.

4. Expect mistakes, and roll with them.

Sometimes, you'll have a recipe for dinner that calls for white rice. Your spouse will bring home brown rice because it's healthier, and you didn't specify. Not knowing much about rice yourself, you'll think it's pretty much the same and keep the recipe as is. You'll be wrong. In this moment, you could blame the failure of a dinner on your spouse. Although a color wasn't specified, white rice is the norm. But, you made mistakes too, didn't you? Don't place blame, just accept that dinner was a bust and be grateful when your husband makes some hotdogs on the grill. #DinnerTime

3. Give it more time.

No matter how much you love someone, being with them every moment of every day can be a bit much. When tensions are high, be ready to take a step back. It's okay to let the waters calm a bit. You can always continue arguing over who left the laundry in the washer tomorrow, or better can drop it all together. #TakeABreath

2. Find the beauty in the mess.

Marriage doesn't come natural to anyone. You may have a picture perfect couple in your life, but don't be fooled. Couples often seem to be all that on Facebook, but there is no perfect marriage on Earth. This is another item to accept and roll with.

In the beginning of my marriage, I discovered my tendency to leave cupboard doors open. My husband, more than once, would come into the kitchen of our small apartment and be amazed that every cupboard door (all five) were open...yet, I was not working in the room. It was a crazy revelation for me. In the moment, I didn't appreciate the absurdity of leaving every door open, but I did it. It was probably efficient. And, I've come to realize that organization in the home is lower on my priority score than many other things in life.

The point is, you'll learn a lot about each other through your marriage. It will come to the surface over and over again that you're human and a little messed up. Learn from it, at least try, and appreciate the beauty of it. Relationships are hard and take work. I find it beautiful that my husband is willing to stick with me and remind me, "Really? Every single cupboard door is open again? How?"

1. Lean into your relationship.

News flash:

That spouse of yours, no matter how long you've been married, is not someone to merely coexist with. They made vows to you. They are there to witness your life and make a great impact on it; and, you're there to do the same for them. Be an active participant in your relationship, in their life. Don't just observe from afar while you do the dishes and the laundry, and write your blog. 



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