Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to survive the County Fair

Meet me at the fair.

Tonight, we tackled the Midland County Fair. It had been years since I attended myself, and even longer since I had enjoyed the fair. Fair food is good, for an hour and then you regret it or at least how much you had. Fair rides are fun, until you feel the creaking sway and wonder if all the bolts are all tightened. Animals are great, if they want to show you their faces and you can get over the smell.

But, your children will enjoy it. They will enjoy the lights, the games, the rides, the animals, the foods. All of it, they will love. So go, go to the fair with them.

And here is how you can survive:

5. Watch your step.

Between the animals on show and those that bring their dogs, be ready for lots of muck. With tons of people and lots of children running crazy, there is often trash and other rubbish. In fact, wear some shoes you don't love. If you wear heels to the fair, you deserve to have them ruined. Sure, your outfit may not be the best with your faded and stained sneakers, but at least you'll fit in a little better. #Ew

4. Keep it in moderation.

If you go after work and before eating a decent meal, you may think that everything sounds delicious. 

I want fries. I want deep fried oreos. I want some cheesecake on a stick.

It's okay to live a little, but keep it in check. You don't want to end up spending the night regretting your meal choice. A lot of fair food is fun for no one. It's best to pick one.

3. Stay away from deep fried anything.

Speaking of deep fried oreos, just don't. It's good only in theory. You don't remember that you went through this in the past, because the year between fairs will get you. Trust me, sugar and grease brings anything but peace.

2. Ride the rides before eating the fries.

If you like to go to the fair to silently judge the wonderful people in your county, make sure you're not #oneofthosepeople who lose their lunch on the rides. If you're going to risk your life and a ride that was assemble less than a week ago, go for it...but please, please do it before filling your stomach. This goes for your children, too.

1. Loosen up.

You will most likely take a look around the midway and wonder if all of these people shop at Walmart, but guess what. You're one of them in this moment. Get over yourself. Try not to judge. Sure, you're going to see people who need a bit more material covering their bodies, but it's not really affecting you. If you don't want to see it, don't look.

Remember, you're here for the children. Everything fair is fun for them. Yeah, it's more expensive than it should be, but it's once a year. Give them your best, and just wait to complain about it on your blog that know, like a respectable adult.

Also, if you look around the fairway, you may realize that you're at a golf course. Know your fair lingo, it's a midway. #Noob

Okay, if you really want fair food...and you cannot limit yourself to just one, try making your own. It's healthier because you pick the quality of ingredients, and it is year round.
I personally like recipes from Taste of Home.

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