Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Another year down...

It is the eve of my 29th birthday.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and while it is not the big 3-0 quite yet, it feels big. Tomorrow, I will enter the final year of my 20s. On paper, I appear to be a semi-accomplished adult, but in my head it doesn't feel possible. I don't feel mature enough to close out this decade. 

But, on paper, this is what tells me that I really will be 29-years-old soon:

5. I've settled.

There are positive and negative connotations with settling. It is all relative. For me, in my family I feel positively settled. Although we do not represent the Cleavers, we have a great balance between tradition and adventure. 

As a writer, I've settled to quit calling myself one until I've produced more than mere ramblings in a blog. But hey, maybe that's what I'll conquer in my 30s. (Yikes, it's so close.)

4. I'm done with formal education.

Okay, I'm not done done because I am close to my Masters. But, I am feeling pretty much done. It's a crazy place for me. Just a little over a year ago, education was one of my main values. I like to learn. I like to earn good grades. I like to be tested. And, all of that is still true, but I'm ready to do it on my terms. Reading will continue to be my main source of new knowledge, but it probably won't be textbooks. I've discovered a great love for memoirs, people spilling their lives onto the pages in hopes that what they learned and experienced may also benefit another.

3. I'm a homeowner.

Owning a house is huge. This place is my refuge, it is my sanctum sanctorum. I share it only with those that I want to, or my husband wants to. And sure, with little Layna running around there is very little space that appears to be mine anymore, but it is. We've lived in this house for almost 5 years and it is serving us well...for now.

5. I'm married.

Sure, these days plenty of individuals choose to tackle life before marriage. I chose to do the traditional route and tackle life along-side my husband. We've been married 6-years and 11-days. There was a big learning curve to our marriage, and I believe it will never be over. Each day I hope to know him a little better. I'm loving the opportunity to see him father our little girl. 

The largest part of marriage for me, personally, is that I have someone who is there to witness my life. He will see me at my best and my worst. There will never be another human-being that knows me like my husband. I mean, he was there when I gave birth...we pretty much have no secrets anymore. #TMI

1. I'm a mom.

It's my best and favorite claim to fame. In the eyes of one beautiful little girl, I am 'mom'. She looks at me for reassurance and approval. Before making the poor choice of drawing on the table leg, she looks at me and seemingly weighs the pros and cons. If I look away for a moment, she will go for it. And, of course she does...which winds her up in timeout where she reads books and babbles to herself, no doubt telling her stuffed animals the wrongs she is suffering in toddler-jail.

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