Friday, September 16, 2016

Dear Mr. CommentsSection

Dear Mr. CommentsSection,

Don't you monitor who is posting on your wall? Really, you do tend to hang out with some pretty shady individuals. It's ridiculous the type of society that you encourage. 

I'm all for a good debate, and actually I thrive on it. There is an energy that comes when you not only believe in something, but you are tested on it and prevail. It solidifies your thinking. It is necessary before developing any opinion. If you can't explain it, rationalize it, speak passionately and logically about it...then how can you say you believe in it?

We are allowed to disagree. 

The problem is the tone and language so many use to argue. And you, Mr. CommentsSection, you thrive on this irrational anger. The rudeness, the smugness. You attract people who argue for the sake of arguing. The classic arguer also gets an energy from winning a debate, only it is a simpleton's discussion. The arguer lacks courtesy, common-sense, and all forms of basic spelling and sentence structure. Yet, Mr. attract the arguers by the masses. 

If you can't say anything nice, just shut up. (Or, something along those lines.)

I did it again. I read the comments section. My word, people need to learn to reread things before selecting to post. Even better, wait a day and ask yourself if it is still worth it. But, something tells me that won't really help the problem. People don't care to listen anymore. It's all about winning.

Instead of researching what would make downtown Midland better, more enjoyable, updated, and attractive...I'll just bash anyone and everyone, sprinkle in some ill-worded insults, and claim it is all in the interest of protecting free speech and tearing down the Man.

Do people still talk about the infamous Man? I'm an advocate for small businesses and the ability for any American to sell a good product with a solid purpose, and find a modicum of success. But, it's about balance. Big business is an inevitability. To say otherwise is stupid. You can't keep the big businesses out, but you can embrace them. Quit arguing about conspiracies. I'm not saying you should be naive, I just want you to learn basic English and decency.

So, Mr. CommentsSection, thank you for reading. I wonder if it would be better for you to just go away. The truth of society is that the people who have something nice to say, rarely say it in the comments section. Perhaps if we were taught something more constructive in grade-school.

Say something nice, it's far better than being rude or staying quiet. 

You can still disagree and be nice.

I appreciate your well-worded views on the situation. My concerns are that there is a lot of unknown, and I'm not confident that the community's voices are really being heard. Then again, I prefer to sit here on my couch and not actively participate in the changes happening in our community. Can I really say our if all I do is pay taxes and complain about the community online? Hmm...I need coffee and to read some non-fiction.

Alright, that was a bit of a run-on. But it was in fact disagreeing but not rude in the slightest. Do me a huge favor, Mr. CommentsSection, find a way to inspire and attract the polite, well-spoken individuals to the discussion. Your wall needs far more balance.

Then again, I live in the peaceful world of low readership and only family comments (which I still moderate incase my sister decides to tell the world I stole her comic book in middle school).

With hope for improvement,

Snarky Marcie

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