Friday, September 2, 2016

How to be creative (in 3 easy steps).

What really is creativity, anyways?

Last night, the Gerow-girls returned to Captured Studios for an Open Create Night. It's a night where they provide the tools to let you get some much needed art therapy. In a world where my job revolves around processes, procedures, and documentation, sometimes I need a break from the black and white.

Art is passion that I have long enjoyed, but I've never become proficient in the skill. Painting is my usual, but I end up wiling away the hours reaching for perfection. And as we all know by now, perfection does not exist among humanity. #Reality.

It was my second Open Create Night, working on one project that still isn't done. In the first, I got a background and map outline accomplished. The second round, I managed to paint one full continent, and several islands that may not actually exist. It's a project that should take one session total.

My work

The Sample Project

Why is it that we let the pursuit of perfection slow us down? In painting, you slowly approach perfection and then quickly move past it. There is no stopping, no landing at perfection.

How to be creative...

3. Get over yourself.

The only one holding you back from unleashing your creativity is you. You're caught up in defining creativity as something unachievable. You are your worst enemy. Instead, get over yourself and define creativity any way you please. Maybe it is painting, maybe it isn't. If you step back and wonder if it's ugly, who cares? #BeBraveAlready

Remember, you're allowed to try something and choose not to like doesn't make it a failure.

2. Set a deadline.

You're reaching, reaching, reaching for perfection. It's driving you insane. Just one more layer, just another go at it. You'll get it, you just need time. Quit driving yourself to the edge of pulling your hair out, instead set a timer. Give yourself a deadline, and keep it. Do your best, hardest, most stellar work you can possibly muster...and when that time is up, step back and let it be. #LessonInContentment

1. Embrace your inner child.

Ever notice how children don't stay in the lines, don't dance at the appropriate rhythm, and are fearless to mix patterns? Ever notice how happy and carefree they are? Get where I'm going?

My niece also attended a painting class at Captured Studios, only she finished her painting. It may not be the standard definition of a giraffe, but it's awesome. I'm choosing to learn from her this weekend. I will be creative, not care about perfection, and be proud of my accomplishments.

Here is my niece Madison and her stellar work (photos courtesy of Miranda Lynn Photography a.k.a my awesome sister):


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