Sunday, October 28, 2018

Almost a Diamond

It’s no wonder that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. With all the pressure we are under, we’re practically turning into the things. As a mom, it’s infinitely more pressure than you can imagine. Little humans are depending on you, and society is constantly telling you how you’re wrong...or at least not “normal.”

My baby had a wellness appointment last week and her doctor said she should be talking more at this age. He wants to see her saying many more words by the time she is 18-months old.

Well thank you, Doctor. I’ll give her the message.

So all week, I have been struggling with digesting this information. Am I doing something wrong? Should I read to her even more? Should I be more repetitive? More animated? Enunciating? I ask her to say things, she won’t listen. Arg...

The truth is all the doctor is telling us is that our baby is slightly behind “normal.” Easy to hear, right?

Well, it’s been a week and I’m almost to acceptance. Every move I make as a mother has been exhaustively analyzed and I’ve come out just fine in my own measurements. My baby will talk when she is ready. 

To all the mothers -

Let’s give ourselves a break. We deserve one.


You’re not making a diamond out of me yet.

End rant.

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