Thursday, October 11, 2018

Don’t Stop Complaining

Several years ago, I heard someone on a podcast define gossiping as “complaining to someone who cannot fix the problem.”

This was a revelation, a turning point for me. As a child at church, I learned the impact that gossiping can have on relationships, communities, and society. I hold that understanding still today (so many years later). But, I struggled to determine what was actually considered gossiping. If I shared news about a friend when he wasn’t there, was that gossiping? If a group of us got caught up in discussing the details of another’s life, was that gossiping. Maybe. Maybe not.

Take this definition, and I hope you find the same clarity. By all means complain, but complain to someone who can actually solve the problem. Don’t waste your breath spouting negativity that can’t possible bring resolution.

Be present in your conversations and understand the power behind your words before you speak them. 

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