Monday, October 15, 2018

Pre-Preschool Episode 1

Setting. Dawn. Rainy car ride on the expressway.

Layna: Mom, you still haven’t mailed that package to your friend?

Me: No, but I’m going to today.

Layna: Where does your friend live again?

Me: Kentucky.

Layna: (giggles) How does your friend get in Tucky?

Me: Its Ken-tucky, and that is the state she lives in. We live in Michigan.

Layna: Oh, yeah. Who else lives in Michigan?

Me: Almost everyone you know.

Layna: Bodie?

Me: Yes.

Layna: Elsie?

Me: Well, no. Elsie lives in Ohio.

Layna: Oh yeah, Elsie lives in Ohio at the bottom of the Earth.

Me: Who told you that?

Layna: Daddy.

Me: (rolls eyes)

Layna: Mom, how does Elsie get up from the bottom of the Earth!

Me: Ask your Dad.

Layna: Maybe a ladder.

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