Thursday, December 6, 2018

Bad Weather

Weeks ago, I was driving my 3-year-old home from soccer class. The snow was swirling, roads were slick, and the sky was pitch black. Layna is in the back, rambling on about how Brock (a spunky kid in class) was rude to Coach George.

Me: Layna, I need you to be quiet so Mom can focus on driving.

(Do any other parents find themselves in the habit of referring to themselves in the third person? It started as a way to encourage their first words to include me, but now it’s part of me...or part of Mom.)

Layna: Why Mom?

Me: Because the weather is bad.

Layna: *gasp* The weather is NOT bad. Mom, snow is so good! It’s beautiful. You can make snowmans and snow angels. You can go sledding and play in the snow. You can...

Me: You’re right. Snow is not bad. The roads are bad though.

How much adult perception has changed from childhood.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Morning Cuddles

I tell myself that as the mother, I hold the power in the relationships with my daughters. You know, they same way you like to tell yourself little lies to make you feel in control.

Then, 3am rolls around and my oldest wakes up. My initial response is an instruction to get back in bed, it’s not awake-time yet after all. To which she responds that she wants to cuddle. I reach in my bag of mom-arguments and come up empty. Minutes later, my left arm falls asleep as I listen to the rhythm of her breath. 

Well played, daughter. Well played.